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RCH Foundation

We are delighted to be supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital as they celebrate their 150th year anniversary of providing world leading care to Victoria’s sickest children. We have special affiliations with the RCH via the Kyle Sheldon Memorial Fund and our Director Natalie’s daughter a patient at the RCH on an Oral Immunotherapy research trial with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

The RCH Foundation are presenting the Me & Uoo Uoo Art Trail which is to be held across Melbourne and Geelong in partnership with Barwon Health Foundation, we are proud to be in a position to support this initiative and our local community.

The Uoo Uoo sculptures will be decorated by well-known and emerging artists and will be placed in various locations around Geelong and Melbourne. The original Uoo Uoo has been created by a Melbourne artist Alexander Knox, its shape being a combination of a wombat and a dugong. The event will run for 10 weeks from September to November and will conclude with an auction of the UooUoo’s.

Kylie Sheldon Memorial Fund

Kyle Andrew Sheldon was only 26 when he sadly lost a four-month battle with aggressive bowel cancer on February 21st 2016.

Whilst the ending of Kyle’s life was tragic and deeply saddening for his family and numerous circles of friends, the story of his courage, determination and persistence that he carried throughout his life is one to rejoice in, and leaves an inspiring legacy for all that knew him to remember him by.

Kyle was born with a twisted bowel, most of which was deemed not recoverable, and was given little to no chance of leaving the hospital immediately following his birth. In the first thirteen months of his life, Kyle spent an enormous number of hours in at the Royal Children’s Hospital, correcting and managing the various issues that he faced as a result of the condition.

Kyle’s bravery was honoured during the last major redevelopment of the Children’s in the simple gesture of naming one of the construction cranes after him.

Despite the challenges that filled his life, Kyle was unwavering in his desire to follow his passions like any other kid. He engaged in sporting and drama pursuits through his time at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, before completing a degree at Melbourne University.

A remarkable young man and a life worthy of celebration.

Kyle Sheldon Memorial Fund