Professional Fee For Service

We have had a great few months at Wealth Built Right assisting many of our clients achieve tremendous outcomes. We have always positioned ourselves as an company that provides advice across many areas of our client’s lives and for this we receive a monthly retainer. Charging fees in this transparent manner removes a conflict of interest that other organisations may have. At all times our clients best interests are truly at the heart of what we do.

These are a couple of examples of how we helped our clients during recently:

  1. A successful young couple have had a desire to buy an investment property in a major capital city for the past couple of years. They got really clear about where, what and when they wished to purchase and an ideal property recently presented itself. We gained an understanding of the market in that suburb and made a very fair offer to the Agent. Then we waited patiently for the negotiations to begin to with Natalie and I mentoring our clients on what to expect. 
    Sure enough the Agent advised that there were a number of interested parties and our client’s offer was below what was acceptable. We advised to hang in there. Following an “open house” over the weekend, the Agent again called to advise that he had handed out a couple of Section 32’s to some very interested buyers. We again advised to hang tight as our offer was still valid. The next day the Agent called to advise that our clients were very close to securing the purchase and another $3,000 from our clients may get the deal done. We again advised our clients to reinforce that the original offer was fair and reasonable and to add that they had found another property that fitted the bill and were considering withdrawing their offer. This took a lot of courage on behalf of our clients because they really wanted to buy the property and the Agent was quite adept at playing the FOMO strategy. However our response of a “walk away” flushed the sellers out and they accepted the original offer made by our clients.
  2. A senior executive had received an offer to change their role within the current organisation. Again we worked with our client to get really clear about what outcome they were seeking. This included the number of hours they wished to work and the remuneration package that they would accept. We assisted them prepare a counter offer which included less hours, higher pay and the reasons the organisation would benefit from these amended arrangements. This was accepted without further discussion.

Many people find it difficult to negotiate as they become emotionally involved in the process. Whereas, because we are at arm’s length we keep our clients grounded while sticking to a process which often results in saving them significant time and money.

By Terry Powell – Managing Director

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