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What Are You Really Earning, Saving And Investing For?

You’re on this page right now because you’re looking for a Financial Adviser who can make fundamental and lasting changes to your financial trajectory. If you’re not here for that, then our services are not for you. Because Wealth Built Right only helps clients who are serious about defining and attaining life goals — not just financial ones.

We mean having the financial freedom and flexibility to create a comfortable retirement.

We mean being agile enough with your money that you can lend your kids funds to help them improve their lives.

We mean the ability to take an overseas holiday every year for the rest of your life.

If those things sound appealing to you, and a FREE Financial Health Check could help, then read on.

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Financial Planning in Melbourne

Melbourne residents who are considering the various different options at their disposal when it comes to making important financial decisions may think that the best idea is simply to speak to the people they know and trust (perhaps asking the advice of a prudent older family member or a friend they’ve known for a long time and they highly respect).

But it’s extremely important to think carefully before relying only on the advice of non-experts concerning your financial investments and choices.

Whilst they may have good intentions and they may be able to offer you some useful and practical advice, the help you’ll receive from people who aren’t experts isn’t guaranteed to ensure that you’re in the best possible position to make the right decisions.

When they choose to work with professional, independent financial planners, Melbourne customers can be sure that they’ll get the best, most impartial and most thorough advice.

Because they’re experts in the field, the specialists in financial planning Melbourne customers can hire from professional firms like Wealth Built Right can always be relied on to provide exceptional, reliable advice.

Furthermore, independent financial planner in Melbourne can often do more than just offer their advice on where to put your money and assets. The best financial planners should also be able to provide you with a comprehensive wealth management solution, meaning that you’ll have on-going support to ensure that your wealth grows and grows as the months and years go by.

And, because you’ll be able to simply send anyone asking for donations or investments/partnerships etc. in the direction of your very own personal wealth manager, you won’t have to worry about the guilt associated with turning down people’s offers and requests as your wealth grows.

The Best Professional Financial Planner in Melbourne

Here at Wealth Built Right, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning and management.

Instead, we work closely with each individual client to gain a thorough understanding of their particular financial – and life – goals, helping them make the investments and decisions that will enable them to get what they want out of their wealth and future.

Thanks to this adaptable approach to financial management, as well as our comprehensive service and the outstanding results we’ve consistently produced for a huge range of different clients, we’ve built a strong reputation for being one of the very best companies offering financial planning in Melbourne.

With a team that has decades of experience in the financial services industry, we’re able to give our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they’re in the hands of trusted, reputable professionals who have been expanding their knowledge of their industry and perfecting their approach for many years.

Get in touch with us today & we’ll set up the appointment that helps put you on the path to successful wealth creation. We also have financial advisors & planners in Werribee & Geelong.

We Specialize In Finding Your Hidden Money And Catapulting You HUNDREDS Of Thousands Of Dollars Ahead

Wealth Built Right’s dedicated team is extensively qualified and experienced to reshape your financial future. For example…

One of our clients came to us with a net position of $ 514,000 excluding their own home. That’s investment property, shares, savings, loans and super! After just six years working with us, this client had improved their net position to $ 1,325,000.

That’s while taking holidays, renovating their house, helping their son buy his first home AND having the confidence to remain in control of their finances even as markets trembled. In other words, we helped them grow their net wealth by about $ 38,000 a year while creating more freedom and flexibility in their life.

If you’d like us to show you EXACTLY how we could do that with you, then hit this link now…

Tailored Advice With Completely Transparent Fees

Wealth Built Right works with you one-on-one. Unlike the banks or big name financial advice firms, we don’t pedal products or take a cut of the gains we aim to make for you. Rather, we work for a flat fee. And we go far beyond just helping you improve your saving and investment skills.

  • Set and achieve realistic goals: We firmly believe in grounding your financial strategy in achieving a pragmatic, realistic vision of retirement while enjoying life along the way.
  • 25 years experience backed by extensive training and qualifications: Some firms in our industry bring nothing more than an online diploma to the table. Our people hold a Bachelor of Business Accounting, a Diploma of Financial Planning, plus a Certified Financial Planner qualification (there’s more, but we don’t want to bore you!)
  • We’re here to help every step of the way: We believe in frequent and open communication with you. Your circumstances and goals can change. So we see our clients more in a year than some of our competitors would in a decade.

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“Clarity on my goals and aspirations…”

“With your advice and support I have unpacked my financial situation, gained clarity on my goals and aspirations and am now planning in a really concrete and pragmatic way. This has been really helpful, the financial management and advice functions you perform for me have both freed me up and provided financial confidence allowing me to function more productively in my role as a senior executive and as a person.”

Annie O’Loughlin

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