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Your Finances

The road to financial freedom is forged with commitment to your goals, following through with your plans, and a readiness to take charge of your wealth creation. 

Wealth Built Right are your financial mentors guiding you each step of the way.

  • We speak honestly and frankly.
  • We invest in our relationship with you.
  • We inspire you to be courageous, clever, and committed to your financial freedom so you can live the life you choose. 

A life with your Wealth Built Right


What motivates you, motivates us. 

What gets you up and going in the morning. 

Why you aspire to the financial outcomes you do. 

What’s leading you to seek our help. 

When we know what motivates you, we know how to transform that motivation into action and start getting you closer to your life goals. 


Financial fog is real.
It can hang over your head and make your situation seem cloudy, complex, and unclear. 

We help clear the fog by unravelling your finances, assessing their health, and providing clarity on where you are, what you want, and how to permanently rise above the haze towards a brighter future. 


 Inspiration leads to action.

It’s what drives you to strive for more

It’s what love to empower you with.

We inspire you to be courageous. 

To create goals and stick to them. 

To make smart financial decisions. 

When you’re inspired to achieve financial freedom, we help you turn that inspiration into an action plan you can follow. A plan for a life of fun, adventure, and the liberty to do more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t. 

Authentic Relationships

Your relationship with us is grounded in honesty, authenticity, and trust

When we’re working arm-in-arm, we want you to have fun, feel confident, and know that your best interests sit at the heart of everything we do for you. 

Our conversations are open and truthful. 

Our interests are aligned.

Our processes and fees are transparent. 

And our goal is always the same – living a life with your Wealth Built Right.

The best financial advice means providing you with the knowledge to manage your future with confidence

Designed for you

You are unique and so are your finances, so we will build a custom made plan that reflects ‘you’ and the future you want. No ‘cookie cutter’ solutions here.

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“Clarity on my goals and aspirations”

“With your advice and support I have unpacked my financial situation, gained clarity on my goals and aspirations and am now planning in a really concrete and pragmatic way. This has been really helpful”

Annie O’Loughlin

Case Study

Trish and Lenny were both successful, busy professionals living a lifestyle that involved a lot of work and little time for reaping the benefits of it. It was time to get serious about their long-term financial future, and that involved a giant leap of expertly guided faith through the help of WBR.

Then what happened?

Personal Finances

Turn your aspirations into actuality and take control of your personal finances.

Less worries, more adventures, and living a life with your Wealth Built Right.

Sounds like a plan

Solid Foundations

Our honest, transparent and upfront-fee approach means that you will never be confused about your financial position or the work we’re doing for you.