Wealth Built Right

Why Us

Why us is because we know our ‘Why’ and it’s all about you!

Everything we do and the reason behind why we do it is to get the very best outcomes for our clients. We love nothing more than seeing the people we work with gain control of their futures and find themselves able to live their best lives.

Seeing our clients set goals and watching those goals achieved is seriously out greatest joy.

Our ‘Why’ is in the words that define who we are, how we operate and what is at the heart of our culture:

Relationships, Authenticity, Inspiration and Fulfillment


Your personal finances shape your lifestyle – how it looks now, how it could look in the future, and how much freedom lies in between. 

It’s your: 

  • Cashflow planning 
  • Investments 
  • Assets 
  • Superannuation 
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning 
  • Budgeting 
  • Banking 
  • Insurances

It’s the difference between a life lived, and a life lived well.

About You

  • You’re wise enough to know you need to make some changes to your personal financial situation 
  • You’re committed to the time and work it takes to make a financial plan and stick to it 
  • You’ve got goals and are willing to follow through on them 
  • You need advice, mentorship, and guidance to help you start living your best life through financial freedom 

About WBR

  • We’re wise enough to know when we’re a great fit for each other 
  • We’ll help you define and refine your personal financial goals 
  • We’ll create a tailored strategy and plan to help you meet those goals
  • We’ll curate products that are right for you and your interests – no one else’s 
  • We’ll keep you accountable and on track, and celebrate with you when you succeed 
  • We’ll spend our time helping you spend yours the way you love 

The next step

We’ll arrange an initial phone interview to lay all your cards on the table and discover what you want to achieve, what’s holding you back, and how we can help. 

Lets get personal