Who We Are

When we formed Wealth Built Right, we knew it had to reflect us and the ‘why’ that drives us. To that end we spent a lot of time identifying words that encapsulate exactly that.

These are words that represent our new and contemporary approach to financial advice. They are words that guide us in all that we do and lead us a world of financial possibilities, reimagined.

LOVE. This is a simple word to embrace at Wealth Built Right, we really love what we do and the people we work with. We know that love drives us all and is at the heart of a life lived well.

HONESTY. We are always honest with our clients and ourselves, it is the only way to build and maintain a respectful relationship and achieve the most sustainable outcomes. Honesty is at our core of all that we do.

COURAGE. At Wealth Built Right we don’t shy away from tough conversations or decisions. We know that fortune favours the brave and sometimes it takes courage to seek that fortune. And, sometimes it takes courage not to.

FUN & ADVENTURE. At Wealth Built Right we know you can’t beat a life filled with fun and adventure. It’s the life that we want to live and it’s the life we want to facilitate for our clients.