Leading from the front

Wealth Built Right prove their Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a growing trend in the business world which has traditionally been seen as something only large corporations practiced. Today however,  this has changed with companies of all sizes being held accountable for their social and environmental impact. Increasingly clients or customers want to see evidence that the companies, businesses or brands they interact with act in ways that are beneficial for the greater common good.

At Wealth Built Right we are a small business that genuinely wants to do good for our business and believe that our initiatives are only yielding better results for ourselves but more importantly for our community.

An exciting innovation that we are supporting is the Royal Children’s Hospital’s 150-year Anniversary Me and UooUoo art trial that will bring colour and creativity to the streets of Melbourne and Geelong in January. A Uoo Uoo (pronounced ‘you you’) is an imaginary Australian creature and its shape is loosely drawn from that of the wombat and dugong.

With the help of 100 Australian artists Uoo Uoo sculptures have been coming to life and will be dotted throughout streets, laneways and parks in Melbourne and Geelong, fostering a sense of community to celebrate the hospital’s special milestone year and raise much needed funds for Victoria’s  sickest children.

As a sponsor of this event we have our very own Uoo Uoo that has been painted by local artist Laine Hogarty. Our Uoo Uoo entitled Pixo&Pixa will be proudly displayed in Geelong along with several other Uoo Uoos sponsored by other local businesses. We see this as being a unique opportunity for the community to be involved in celebrating the incredible heritage of this world-leading institution as well as a sense of unity and inspiration as we persevere through these challenging times together.

“I was extremely delighted to learn that Wealth Built Right is the sponsor for Pixo&Pixa. Their values of honesty, love and encourage are so aligned to the message behind this artwork.”

explains Laine

Laine created Pixo&Pixa for the son of a family friend – 14-year-old David Saunders (pictured with Laine and Pixo&Pixa) – who has been diagnosed with inoperable brain tumours and receives care from the Royal Children’s Hospital. As part of the artwork Laine has ‘hidden’ 14 hearts in the artwork in honour of David’s bravery and as a way of sending love and gratitude to David and all the children and staff at the hospital.

“I’m hoping that children in particular enjoy looking for the hearts” Laine says.

Being able to support the Royal Children’s Hospital in this way is great for our business and it helps us feel that all our work is having a positive impact on more people than just ourselves.

Consistent CSR messages and practises incorporated in business values and actions overtime contribute to brand differentiation for businesses and inspire positive recognition. A further benefit is the ability for businesses to attract and retain talented employees who share the same values. Similarly, customers are more attracted to businesses with a sense of purpose and that share the same world view. This creates an emotional attachment to the brand itself that is independent of product features or service quality. Ultimately, as a result of stronger talent attraction and higher employee retention, better productivity and more sustainable usage of resources, engaging in CSR in  the long run translates into cost-savings for the business as well. It truly is a win-win.

The five key benefits to business of CSR: 

  1. Inspiring innovation.
  2. Providing brand differentiation.
  3. Contributes to greater employer engagement and retention.
  4. Contributes to customer engagement.
  5. Provides savings in the long run.