Wealth Built Right take the fear out of life changing decisions.

“The delightful thing about working with Terry is that it has got Trish and I on the same page, in relation to our priorities in life and how that translates into how we invest our money.”

Lenny Jenner

Lenny Jenner and Trish Merrett have been clients of Wealth Built Right for several years. They were both, successful professionals but realised they needed to get serious about planning for their long-term financial future while still very much enjoying life along the way. Through careful planning with Terry, Lenny and Trish incorporated simple strategies to grow their wealth over a number of years culminating in both of them reviewing their careers.

Lenny had a successful career in local government but had reached a stage in his life where he wanted to spend more time with Trish and his family, especially his granddaughter. With discipline, planning and guidance from Terry, they had placed themselves in a position to choose what they wanted their future to look like. Over a 12-month period Lenny worked with Terry to create an exit strategy from his professional role, at the same time developing a business plan for Lenny to start his own consultancy firm working with local government organisations all around Australia.

There is always a significant leap of faith when transitioning a career and concerns and anxiousness are a normal part of this process. However, their planning and actions have now created a carefree lifestyle for Lenny and Trish where they have more time, money and choice to enjoy the things that are most important to them both.

‘‘It has made us save. We thought we had a good savings plan before, but we have saved better than ever now.”

Trish Merrett

The Top 5 Tips to Transition to Self-Employment from a Full Time Job

  1. Grow your personal wealth to give you choice
  2. Determine your motivations to make the change
  3. Build a simple Business Plan
  4. Grow your Networks
  5. Be Courageous and take the jump!