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What Are You Really Earning, Saving And Investing For?

We mean having the financial freedom and flexibility to create a comfortable retirement.

We mean being agile enough with your money that you can lend your kids funds to help them improve their lives.

We mean the ability to take an overseas holiday every year for the rest of your life.

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Financial Advisors in Melbourne

With so many financial advisors in Melbourne, how do you go about choosing the right one? What you really need is some assurance that your financial advisor is going to give you good financial advice. That’s pretty much the best place to start.

Wealth Built Right, as the name so clearly suggests, is an independent financial advisor in Melbourne with the kind of record that gets people excited about money in a good way. That’s good because money is exciting… at least when you have it!

Do You Live in Wealth Or In Debt?

The population of Melbourne can essentially be divided into two categories, if you exclude a few eccentrics here and there. There are simply those who have wealth and those who have debt.

You can break it down even further by acknowledging there are good debts and bad debts, but if you just had to choose between having wealth or having debt, it’s fairly obvious which is the right choice.

Wealth Built Right is dedicated to helping you move away from debt and toward wealth, and we provide the advice you need to make that happen as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Kiss Debt Goodbye and Embrace Wealth

It is not necessary to live with debt. You can banish debt from your life. Likewise it is not necessary to live without wealth. You can bring wealth into your life. We know how to make these things happen, which is why you should make some time to talk with our financial advisors.

Unfortunately not everyone can be wealthy. It’s trendy to imply that they can, but sadly it’s not true. The reason is because accumulating wealth does require some discipline. You need to be able to recognise destructive patterns and change them, and not everyone is open to change.

There is no magic formula that will instantly transform a person to becoming wealthy. If there were, then whoever discovered it would be incredibly wealthy. That’s not to say people can’t become instantly wealthy, but an interesting thing is most people who do become instantly wealthy don’t stay wealthy for very long.

This is because wealth is a habit, not a status. Being wealthy without preparing to be wealthy makes it difficult to hang onto wealth once it is achieved.


You Need Financial Planning Before You Have Finances

All of this makes it clear that the people most in need of financial advice are those who are not yet wealthy but would like to be. All too often, people wait until they’re already wealthy to seek financial advice, and that’s the worst time to do it.

For the best financial advice in Melbourne, you should talk to Wealth Built Right. We have the financial experts who can tailor the correct path for you as an individual to achieving the wealth you desire, and acquiring the kind of lifestyle you want to live.


Money Is Only Good When You Know What To Do With It

When thinking about wealth, it’s best not to fixate on a specific bank balance (and if you do, inflation will take care of that), but on what you’d actually like to do with your wealth once you’ve acquired it.

Plus, of course, you need to make sure your wealth is working for you, actively helping you to grow more wealth. When your wealth is able to expand without personal financial input from you, that is the point where you can truly consider yourself to be wealthy.

Keeping your wealth involves a combination of getting the right advice, developing the right habits, and making sensible decisions. Making your wealth in the first place depends on the quality of the advice you get.

When you need a financial advisor in Melbourne, Wealth Built Right should be the first choice you consider. Our proven track record of success in helping thousands of clients to achieve excellent financial outcomes to meet their life goals is more than enough to recommend us.

We built our reputation on providing tailored financial services that meet the specific individual objectives of our clients. Working with clients to understand their needs and goals is what powers us to provide the best financial advice in Melbourne.


Not All Financial Advisors Are Equal

Choosing a financial advisor is not like choosing somebody to buy a new car from. It’s more similar to choosing a hair stylist, because individual style is so important to the outcome.

Financial success is not a matter of following a set formula, but of choosing the right strategies, adopting the right personal habits, and maintaining the right focus. These factors will be different for each person, but each person does have a combination which will give the best chance of optimal returns.

The job of the financial advisor is to find that combination and help the client to understand it. From that humble beginning, great things can grow. Wealth Built Right does in fact help you build wealth the right way, which is why you should choose us as your financial advisor in Geelong.


Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

Timing is everything in finance. The saying that you need to strike while the iron is hot could not be more accurate, but knowing when to strike the iron is only half the story. You also need to know where to strike it.

Having competent financial advice is a massive help in identifying opportunity and taking advantage of the opportunity in the right way at the right time. You certainly won’t get more competent financial advice than you will find at Wealth Built Right.


Financial Advice You Can Trust

There are many differences to the service you get from Wealth Built Right compared to typical financial advisors. It starts with our personally tailored advice, but you also have the confidence from knowing that you’re working with a team that has already hit a lot of home runs.

Our team members have previously worked with top investment companies such as AMP and Westpac Financial Services, and now of course they work with the best financial advisory service in Geelong. Those are the kind of credentials you can bank on. Thousands of others already do.

Don’t risk your potential here. Get your financial advice from Melbourne’s best financial planners, Wealth Built Right, we also have financial advisors in Geelong & Werribee as well. Get in touch with one of our specialists today for more information.

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